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Exercise has never been so easy!

We all like to be active, but sometimes life just gets in the way and before you know it, work, a busy social life, family and so much more ‘stuff’ means it’s been weeks or months since we were last active.

Now, Adelaide City Council and Parks and Leisure Australia (SA/NT) have made it super easy for you to fit at least half an hour of exercise into your day, and have fun while you’re doing it.

Until the end of March you can take advantage of a range of different exercises, at three key locations around the city, to get you moving.

Get out of the gym and enjoy the great outdoors with Park-fit every Tuesdays in Elder Park from 5:40pm (next to the Rotunda).

Kick off your working day and improve your concentration and circulation with Work-fit every second Wednesday from 8:00am in Hindmarsh Square.

Or add a little fun to your day and learn some new dance moves you can bust out on the dance floor with Dance-fit every Thursdays from 5:40pm in Light Square.

Lord Mayor, Stephen Yarwood, is excited about offering the Be Active in the City program to the community for the third-year running.

“The sessions are suitable for all skill levels and are a great opportunity for city workers, residents and visitors to get outside and enjoy fitness with friends and colleagues” he says.

“The classes each run for 30 minutes to meet the recommended daily exercise guidelines and – they’re free, so there’s no excuse not to get out there and Be Active.

Dance-fit in Light Square

Parks and Leisure Australia CEO, Mark Brand, says just by participating in the Be Active in the City program, people will feel the difference.

“We wanted to make it as easy for people as possible, to show them that half an hour of exercise is achievable,” Mark says.

“Just by participating people will feel an increase in energy and have some fun while they do it, it really is a great way to start your work day or even tune out to the stress and pressure of work by participating in a group activity that is fun.”

Local Government Association president, Mayor Kym McHugh says Councils have a major role in providing health and recreation in their areas.

“Making it easy for people to choose healthy lifestyle options and include fitness into their daily routines is something Local Government is always working towards.”

“South Australian Local Government spends in excess of $170 million each year on community sport and recreation programs and Be Active in the City is a great example of this in action,” he said.

“The numbers of people who have taken up these opportunities to exercise is a great indication of the program’s accessibility, success and popularity.”

All classes are run by qualified professionals in a friendly, welcoming environment and are suitable for people of all fitness levels, even those starting out and seeking to add a little more physical activity to their days.

To get involved visit and start to Be Active in the City.