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    4 days ago

    Starting a City business?

    Enterprise Adelaide provides a one-stop-shop to help you start or grow your business, and work through Council's processes. 

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    1 day ago

    Join the forum: Economy & Business

    This week we are discussing how can we collaborate across all levels of government and education to create opportunities that support both start-ups and big business?

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    4 days ago

    Hop into Easter

    Hop into town and check out what’s on over Easter with our 11 Eggcellent Easter Adventures.

    1 week ago

    Adelaide Pubs: More Than Beer

    While Adelaide has evolved over the years, one thing has remained popular and integral to our local culture: The Pubs.

Latest from the City of Adelaide

Inside Adelaide

  • A Day in the Life of the Public Realm

    It’s 4 am on a cold Thursday morning, and Richard Toomer is busy preparing the city streets for the life that starts at sunrise.

    His day began an hour ago, and while most people have barely rolled over in bed, he’s driven to the Adelaide City Council’s depot on London Road, organised his schedule for the day, and made it back onto the city streets.

    Richard is part of the Council’s Public Realm Street Cleansing team.

    For city’s residents, they’re the men and women who help make the neighbourhood a clean, beautiful place to live.

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  • A New Place to Taste for migrants and refugees

    Australia’s newest residents are finding their feet in Adelaide through a series of healthy living workshops designed to tackle food security concerns.

    More than 200 asylum seekers and recent migrants have attended group cooking, gardening and supermarket shopping workshops since the Australian Red Cross launched the program A New Place to Taste, in 2012.

    Australian Red Cross community development officer Lisa Clark said many of the participants coming through the program were young men from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and had been in Australia for less than three months.

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  • Towards a city of entrepreneurs

    A surge in the number of networking events and educational programs for entrepreneurs in Adelaide in the last three years, has triggered the need for a more coordinated approach to supporting startup companies in Adelaide.

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